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Labor Day Weekend


Optimistic Vibe is a global social movement to make the world a better place based in the seaside village of Pai’a, Hawai’i on the Northshore of Maui, and stretching from Hawai’i to Cape Cod with Aloha.

Our current project is the Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor in the charming seaside village of Hyannis, Cape Cod, in the neighborhood of Nantucket Sound and Martha’s Vineyard Island. We have found a community challenge facing artists and are applying a fix to the problem:

The headline is “Young Artists Flee Cape Cod”…

Young artists are leaving Cape Cod. They are not returning.

They leave the Cape, the housing is unaffordable, a lack of opportunities for career advancement.

Between 2000 and last year, the number of people between the ages of 25 and 44 living on Cape Cod fell 26 percent, from 55,577 to 40,658

Fact is, to live on Cape Cod with average American affordability Artists must earn $24.37 per hour, at forty hours that is $975 per week

Fact is, on Cape Cod there are not opportunities for career advancement that pay $975 per week

Fact is, on Cape Cod the average artist wage is $10.67 per hour, at forty hours that is $427.

Fact is, the average young artist earns less than half of what it takes to live on Cape Cod.

Fact is, at $10.67 per hour an Artist has to work 91 hours per week to earn the $975 needed to afford to live on Cape Cod.

No job opportunities that pay $975 means the young artists leave Cape Cod for career advancement elsewhere

Arts stripped from our schools, 91 hour work week, No time for the artist to create, America’s creative inspiration is disappearing, “How do we return artists to Cape Cod?”

“There’s always been an urgency,” said Wendy Norcross, chief executive officer of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, “We have to reverse the trend.”

Attempts at reversing the trend over recent years have included injecting of Grant money into the non-profits, hoping the non-profits will provide some trickle-down financial relief to the young artists, but it doesn’t solve the problem

Sustaining jobs that pay $975 per week will solve the problem.

Earning $24.37 per hour for a forty hour work week will make housing affordable

Replacing lack of opportunities with an option for business ownership will provide needed career advancement

The solution, after three and a half years of design with the University of Massachusetts’ Small Business Development Center, we proudly present the Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor

“There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not?” Robert F. Kennedy

Why not a major east coast art destination from the charming seaside village of Hyannis?

Why not sustaining jobs for local artists through a variety of very unique revenue streams offering visual art, music, writing, performing arts, and culinary arts?

Why not provide entrepreneurial on-the-job training for artists?

Why not prepare the artist for business ownership through the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation?

The Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor, we have selected 810,000 national art enthusiasts and are sending each a special invitation.

Through the Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor each of the 810,000 invited will be introduced to Cape Cod’s non-profits for a regional economic development win-win

Our call to action is simple, we invite you to financially help the Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor through donations, membership, or purchasing one of our exciting products.

The Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor is growing and keep up with our ever expanding project our team needs your support.

Thank you for joining us today, your financial contributions will help our expanding growth.

In the words of Ethel and Robert Kennedy’s son, Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, “Presented now is a program which will shine a light across the Cape”.

Please Join us launching the Ethel Kennedy Cultural Corridor :)

Thank You!

© 2006-2014 Robert John Cook, Optimistic Vibe, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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