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Connecting The Dots

Passion, Synchronicity, and Purpose


21 Common Traits Of Today’s Greatest Minds



Chapter One

The meaning of life is to adventurously discover our gift. The purpose of life is to joyfully share our gift with the world.


Chapter Two

Our spirits prepared the Greatest Gift, a journey where we are meant to be through our commitment to discover the positive energy they continuously place in our path.


Chapter Three

It is from connecting the synchronistic dots our spirits have awakened that we can fearlessly believe and blindly trust our future.


Chapter Four

When we believe in our vision, it is, as Vincent Van Gogh said; …put on Earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it is spiritual in calling.


Chapter Five

We make our mark in life by fearlessly trusting our intuitive compass, believing synchronicity will open the right door at the right time as we follow our spirit’s trail of gifts.


Chapter Six

There are infinite great ideas, but it is only when we follow our gut feel that synchronistic intuition opens the door.


Chapter Seven

We humbly command respect when we keep our thinking clean by narrowing our focus to sharing our purpose one gift at a time.


Chapter Eight

When our quality of work is directly proportional to our vision our purpose becomes synchronistically magnetic.


Chapter Nine

To enjoy today means acting on our purpose, to share our gift, making the world a better place by delivering goodness. Today.


Chapter Ten

As spiritual ancestors we validate sacred ground through our expression of gratefulness by connecting with our spirits in a special place.


Chapter Eleven

From our meditation we listen for our synchronistic message, from which our gut feel is the intuitive compass providing our path.


Chapter Twelve

When we practice mindfulness, taking time daily for our spirit’s guidance, mind over matter for one gift, power of present moment mindfulness strengthening our intuition, we open the door to express gratefulness, harnessing balance in our productivity.


Chapter Thirteen

When we pause to sharpen our saw by planning our week ahead, Sunday mornings, unplugged, we align our energy with purpose through balance and renewal.


Chapter Fourteen

Value our journal as our map, believe in our ability as a writer to describe our evolution, follow what we write and never ever let anyone else hold our pen.


Chapter Fifteen

When we treat our mind as the shala for physical renewal our sustained energy will deliver our purpose.


Chapter Sixteen

We process 70,000 thoughts a day, fearlessly follow the one thought guiding our confidence, inspiring our passion, leading us to our purpose.


Chapter Seventeen

When we generously share our purpose with others, the others become our loving family and we are surrounded by their love.


Chapter Eighteen

Believe in your ability to welcome friends by seeking first to understand them, and then seeking to be understood.


Chapter Nineteen

We love music because we are musicians, singing songs advocating the positive energy that occurs when we open our heart to synchronicity, placing us on a path of passion, leading to our purpose, enjoying the positive journey meant just for us.


Chapter Twenty

When we are brave in our creative projects our spirits open doors synchronistically, living our personal brand as an artist, advancing our intuition through our creativity.


Chapter Twenty One

Our choice of life partner is directly proportional to the importance of the temple we built together.



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