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Our passion, our purpose…

419_mediumI have a friend who can’t find her passion. She has been searching, but no luck. Without understanding our passion we can’t find our way to our purpose. Without passion we have no compass heading – we wander, perhaps aimlessly.
With age we gain from experience the wisdom we need to quiet our inner voice so we can soul search. This to me seems incredibly important as the first step in understanding our passion – understanding what is inside us that makes us want to jump from bed in the morning to move mountains. Our inner voice is the megaphone that whispers the set of directions we need to follow on our path leading to our passion. When I dedicated my journey back in 2006 to understand my passion I began with a daily journal, a ritual of mindfulness mediation, and a joyful commitment.

I believe there are five primary characteristics to each of us. We are, within varying degrees, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Financial. Each of these five pieces of our puzzle create the movie we live. Within the movie we live are characters, a beginning, and a story line. Each of the five pieces of our puzzle comprise the theme of our movie. When we define in one sentence the goal for each of the five pieces we end up with five sentences that roll up into one paragraph that depicts our passion.

Passion is a function of love, and the opposite of love is fear. Fear is the only distraction that can keep us from passion. Fear can disguise itself as doubt, apprehension, anxiousness, etc. Fear is the arch enemy of passion. Understanding our fears is where our journal comes in handy, our pen is our sword when dealing with fear.

Whatever we can imagine as our five goals we can achieve, Picasso taught us that. There is nothing you can imagine that can’t be accomplished. If you can imagine it, you can accomplish it. Fear and doubt might try to convince us otherwise, but every challenge has a solution, passion helps us find it.

For each of us there is a little voice inside us that gives us confidence. For me the little voice is creativity; my art, music, and writing. Confidence is passion’s best friend – they need each other. Find your voice, find your confidence, passion will be right next door.

There are eight billion of us on the planet right now, and each one of us is incredibly unique. Our goals, our movie, our passion: We are it! To celebrate our individualism is to share our individuality with the world, passionately!

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